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Estimate simulation tool

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The problem with companies without development knowledge is that they want to develop but don’t know what features they need, how long the development period is, and how much it will cost. Therefore, the general flow is to investigate the development company, contact the researched development company by e-mail, give an overview of the product you want to produce in advance, hold a meeting, and then ask the development company to give you a rough estimate. However, this flow takes a considerable amount of time to get a rough estimate. ESTIM wants to reduce that flow to just four steps and provide a tool that allows all estimations to be completed on ESTIM.

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Project overview

ESTIM is a service that allows you to easily create an original application by selecting any framework and parts (functions).


Our mission is to provide tools that make it easier and faster for people without development knowledge to make their own estimates. Our mission is to provide tools that make it easier and faster for people without development knowledge to make their own quotes. We have scrutinized all the information of more than 100 projects that we have dealt with so far, given it a name that is easy for users to imagine and struggled to find out how close the man-hours can be to the actual site.


This application offers features to be developed to meet its business requirements from a wide range of business categories. All of this is based on Supremetech’s development experience. We will continue to work on more development projects in various industries. Therefore, we would like to reflect those experiences in ESTIM in a timeless and seamless manner and provide something that can further meet the needs of users.



Rich business categories

By making the development know-how of various genres of business that we have developed into a framework, We have a wide range of business categories.

Rich business categories

Rich functionality and high customizability

We have prepared a rich list of functions that have been scrutinized from over 100 development achievements. You can select the function you want to add on ESTIM and decide the function of the original application, and you can freely add or reduce it. ESTIM is a business canvas for new businesses, allowing you to instantly embody your ideas.

Technical stacks

  • Web & Desktop client architecture

    • PHP
  • Server architecture

    • AWS

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