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OTTclouds - An end-to-end OTT streaming solution

OTTclouds is a next-generation Saas that realizes digital transformation in the TV industry.


The Internet era has changed TV users’ behavior from passively receiving broadcasted content to a specific device (a TV) to actively looking for their favorite content in the devices they want to watch it on. Top content corporations have all invested millions of dollars in creating OTT TV apps to bring their videos directly to consumers. However, it is not easy for smaller players in the industry to approach this new technology.
OTTclouds aims to create a one-stop service for content enterprises to catch up with the technology trend, distribute their videos, programs, ads to their current users using the internet and continue growing their business.

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Project overview

Create a platform for content providers to manage their own distribution channels and deliver their contents to users via the internet


  • Create industry-standard features in the browser with UX that are easy for operators to adopt.
  • Build a reliable system that is able to deliver live programs to users from different places in the world.
  • Provides mobile apps for end-user that is easy to customize for different clients
  • Provides different scenarios for monetization such as subscription, pay-per-view, ads.


Our team developed a one-stop service with a playout management site for operators, 2 mobile apps for end-users, various monetization strategies backed by an industry-standard video streaming, distributing system. It can also perform dynamic ad stitching to the live streaming program at server-side


Playout management system

Operators can create programs, manage playout content and broadcast the content in various configurable settings. This system can ingest all industry-preferred formats for audio, video. It can generate output in multiple formats such as HLS, RTMP, and HD-SDI, and can also be used for VOD delivery. The system can be also deployed to manage live broadcasts and can ingest content from multiple live sources

Customizable mobile apps for viewers

Viewers can browse their content easily by native applications provided on their own mobile devices. The apps are built in a way that is easy to customize for different content providers. The monetization strategies are also integrative and customizable

Technical stacks

  • Mobile & web client architecture

    • KOTLIN
    • NEXTJS
    • NODEJS
    • SWIFT
  • Server architecture

    • DOCKER
    • AWS
    • JAVA

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