Software Development
Process with Product-focused in Mind

Our team develops your product as it is our own, each development team member has strong ownership of the product. We believe that the power of working as one team toward a shared goal will lead all projects to success.

Project life cycle


Understand the product concept, business purpose

Roughly estimate the development project

Decide technical stack, form the team


Research and refine user needs, user journey, use cases

Wireframe & prototype

Brand design, visual design

Application UI design



Develop and test the product

Continuously improve product features through feedbacks


Continuously deliver the product as POC, MVP, beta version, the official launch

Validate product in the market and feedback to the development


Development project can be shifted to maintenance stage when big development objectives are achieved or be transferred to owner's company to continue operating inhouse

Agile development process

At SupremeTech, we follow Agile development methodology. The process is customized based on our years and successful projects of experience to ensure the highest quality delivery.

Our team structure

*Proxy Product Owner (PPO) is the representative of Product Owner and works in the same place with the development team. PPO plays an important role in the success of our development team since in most cases Product Owner is a member of the Client and Business Partner who is located in

our team structure
  • client


    Product Owner / Product Manager

    Handle product direction on daily task

  • technical-leader

    Technical Leader

    Oversee technical issues

    Provide technical solution

    Lead estimation and implementation

  • product owner

    Proxy Product Owner */
    Business Analyst

    Representation of Product Owner

    Define specification, documentation

    Handle product direction on daily task

  • scrum master

    Scrum Master/ Project Manager

    Oversee the whole development project

    Manage team motivation

    Ensure agile process is well performed

  • client


    Develop product features

    Review code, write unit test

  • QA Engineer

    Quality Control Engineer

    Ensure high-quality features delivery

    Measure product quality by metrics, reports

    Perform all kind of testing

Activities in a Sprint


    The development stage is separated into 1 to 3 weeks time-box called 'Sprint'.Each sprint starts with a planning meeting and ends with the delivery of a stable working product or functionality.


    Analyse requirement, detail discussion about how to implement and deliver features.


    Repeat the following steps: Develop > Integrate > Internal Deploy > Test.


    Update backlog with new information from development and business team. Prepare stories for the next sprint planning.


    15min stand-up meeting every day. Daily Scrums improve communications, identify impediments, promote quick decision-making.

  • 5. REVIEW

    Deploy the most stable version of the sprint. Move through new features together with all stakeholders. Review quality, performance report.


    Reflect on the sprint activities, kaizen, and celebrate!

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Deliverables every Sprint

  • Implement

    Software with newly implemented features

  • Test case

    Test case, test report

  • Product backlog

    Updated, better defined Product Backlog

  • Report

    Sprint report and other artifacts

Our secret recipe to success

Project Management Office (PMO)

PMO is a group of experienced Delivery Managers that continuously monitor and support all project teams in SupremeTech. Delivery Manager performs a weekly health check of all running projects and provides appropriate, timely actions to help mentoring PMs, standardizing process, allocating best resources to projects. The group ensures the delivery and performance of projects are always at their best.


Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts (or depending on a particular project, their role will be Proxy Product Owner) are the bridge to close the gap in communication between development and business team. We do not only speak your language to deliver the message, we enhance the understanding among different roles of the project, enhance ownership of the development team, bring the team to the same direction that leads to the project's success.

Business Analysist

R&D Team

We believe that a technology company will not thrive without a strong R&D team. Our R&D team is always lookout for a new way to provide the best technical solution in the market. We also research for emerging technology that potentially disrupts the market such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc, we make sure our products are equipped with the most advanced technology available.

R&D Team

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