Word-class products that we have been working on


    SaaS-based virtual office that accommodates new work patterns in the era of remote work. It reproduces all of the office equipment, from the desk to the conference room and whiteboard.

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  • Luna

    It is a next-generation Saas that realizes DX in the TV industry and creates new value and profits with a one-stop system that can create video channels, distribute advertising videos, live videos, and even distribute dynamic advertisements.

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  • Miahire

    Online interviews that aren't face-to-face are now possible because to AI technology. You can conduct high-quality personnel evaluations by video interview regardless of location or time, starting with identity verification via ID card and face recognition.

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    A service that allows you to easily create an original application by selecting any framework and parts

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  • Castdice

    Castdice collects all the vocabulary from large public test datasets using data mining and computer vision technology. In the mobile apps, users can browse, create different word books targeting various universities and levels from these data

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