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GUPPY’s Inc.

GUPPY’s Inc. has a mission of “Making the world happy with good ideas.”

We are developing a human resources service business for medical care, nursing care, and welfare, and a healthcare business using health management apps.

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Us and Partner

When changing the target of the Guppy healthcare service from general users to corporations and local governments, the application was renewed and replaced by SupremeTech via our partner Classmethod. The project employed Agile development, emphasizing speed and flexibility, rather than Waterfall development that requires requirement definitions and detailed specification prior to development.

Despite difficult circumstances, such as the lack of a formal specification, we were able to release the software close to the originally planned release date, leading to the continued development of features for various corporations and municipalities afterwards.
For more information, please also see our interview with Enlyt Corporation, SupremeTech’s Japanese office.

Guppy Health Care

Guppy Health Care is a health management application with 19 different functions. These include: recording the number of steps taken, weight, mental checks, and more. It has a diverse range of users, from general users to corporations, municipalities, and health insurance associations.
Services for corporations, municipalities, and health insurance associations include incentives for health activities, in addition to health management functions. This is expected to raise overall health awareness and promote healthy living.
Corporations are available to those who are already engaged in health management or who wish to do so in the future.
Municipalities are switching from paper to apps for health promotion projects with the aim of reducing medical costs and extending healthy life expectancy.

Message from our partner

I am the one who handles the communication regarding project specifications, and I think it is becoming smoother with each passing session. The team has accumulated a lot of know-how, so the discussions are going relatively smoothly. Also, since there are BAs and engineers who have been involved in our projects for a long time, their understanding of our services has deepened, which is fantastic.

Akihito Okui

GUPPY’s Inc., Healthcare Department


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