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Enlyt, Inc.

Enlyt is a startup company that specializes in business digitalization and product development. Enlyt is founded in 2020 by SupremeTech’s chairman Truong Dinh Hoang.

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Us and Partner

Enlyt and SupremeTech are 2 companies founded by the same team. We have been collaborating not only in software development projects but also in product development, and business strategy.
Technology product development can be very complicated and overwhelmed with a lot of information. While SupremeTech is concentrating on the technical side, we recommend our Japanese clients start working with Enlyt for a cultural fit consultation and support. Enlyt team is made up of talented UI/UX designers, business producers, and project managers who are very familiar with the Japanese market and users.

Enlyt – We only create awesome service

Sharing the same vision with SupremeTech, Enlyt’s mission is to create products that add value beyond the profit to the business world. With that mission, Enlyt team has been working with our Japanese clients from the very beginning of their business idea. Together with the client’s business owner, Enlyt’s business producer conduct design sprints to define product concept using design thinking methodology. With the help of SupremeTech’s technical team, these concepts can be transformed quickly to Proof-of-Concept (POC) applications which are ready to be validated with their target customer group. The concept validation process goes on until the product is ready to launch.
The collaboration of SupremeTech and Enlyt will continue as long as our client’s business is growing. Throughout the journey, our simple goal is to help client business succeed, and that simple shared goal make our partnership unshakable.

Message from our partner

SupremeTech helped us develop software with several functionalities, including a management portal, user registration, and account optimization. They used product backlog items to identify and classify my needs. The cross-sectional management method of the project by this company to reduce the dependence on the project is wonderful.

Mr. Toshihiko Kubo

CEO of Enlyt, Inc.

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