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Makuake STORE – A mall-type store on Shopify Plus

Shopify store development services to transform an original crowdfunding site into an online store.

  • Web
  • E-commerce Shopify
  • React
  • Nodejs

Project Overview

Makuake Co., Ltd. started as a listing website for crowdfunding newly-launched products and services called “Makuake”. Makuake is a platform where creators can list their original products and call for public fundings from their supporters.

Makuake wanted to create an E-commerce site based on their original crowdfunding model. The E-commerce site enables creators to sell their new products directly to the end consumers. This new platform is called “Makuake STORE”.

The main business challenge was determining how to set up a custom Shopify store that is linked to the current crowdfunding site and a management system. The Makuake team and product creators needed to be able to cooperate seemlessly for the platform to be effective.

The Challenge

Sketch out the suitable approach to help merchants operate their store on Makuake based on deep understanding of the unique business model.

Streamline the three-parties operations for Makuake online store on Shopify Plus given that Shopify Plus provides limited custom options.

Ensure wonderful customer buying journey.

The Solution

Phase 1: A custom admin app for merchants (aka. sellers) so that they can manage their own store inside Makuake STORE site

Phase 2: Add more features to serve three-party operations so that merchants can set up their own customers’ buying journey. Our solution takes into consideration the full-circle E-commerce management.

Key Features

  • Store management admin app
  • Custom checkout flow
  • Custom CRM procedure
  • Custom Product Data Mapping
  • Automated data exchange

Team structure

Details of entrustment: Design, Implementation, Testing, Migration, Maintenance & Operation

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Quality Control

Technical stacks



Infrastructure & Architect


Development Language

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