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Miahire – A video interview solution for businesses

Simplify high volume hiring with MiaHire: A video interview platform for business

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Project Overview

Screening CV documents and CV videos is very time-consuming for employers, if we can automatically screen and evaluate candidates, it will save employers a lot of time.

Using Miahire recruiters can define interview questions beforehand, candidates answer the set of questions by video in their own time. Evaluators have access to candidates’ video answers and evaluate using a pre-defined evaluation form.

The Challenge

The application must be very lightweight and easy to access. Recruiters and candidates who are not familiar with video interviews will resist trying a new way of interview. Simple UX leading to ease of use and video processing speed are key requirements of this application.

The Solution

Our developers have created a platform for recruiters to conduct their first screening totally online. The recruiter can conduct high-quality personnel evaluations by video interview regardless of location or time, starting with identity verification via ID card and face recognition. Some Miahire users report an impressive result that they can reduce 85% of their time and effort spending on large-scale recruitment.

We can integrate AI into the screening process, and use AI like as an assistant, (same with ChatGPT), and provide such as a function into the system, we will save our customers a lot of time/cost.

Key Features

1. Manage and set up the interview

A recruiter can invite candidates to a video interview, evaluate interview videos, manage statuses, collaborate on evaluation results,s and more. Questions used in interviews are highly customizable and easy to be crafted into different sets of questions to provide many interview variations.

Questions can be in text, images, or video with editable preparation time and answer time for each question.

2. Evaluate candidates

The evaluator watches the video answers and evaluates using pre-defined evaluation forms. Evaluation forms are highly customizable based on each company hiring criteria. Candidates can be filtered by position and interview status so you can compare candidates for a fairer & more accurate assessment. The best thing about video interview is that you can review the applicants at any time you want and consider as much as you need before giving the final decision.

3. On-demand interview available in many different platforms

Candidates can attend the interview using their own device, the application is available on web browser and native mobile application. Candidates can also attend the interview on-demand at any time, anywhere they feel ready. There will be no more back and forth calls just to arrange the interview time that works for everyone.

4. Highlight technologies

– Natural Language Processing (NLP).

– Automatic speech recognition.

Team structure

Details of entrustment: Design, Implementation, Testing, Migration, Maintenance & Operation

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  • 01 Business Analyst
  • 01 Front-end Engineer
  • 01 Back-end Engineer
  • 01 Quality Control

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