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Online-merge-offline (OMO) Retail Tech Solutions for a Leading Restaurant Chain

SupremeTech is honored to provide development services to enhance customer buying journey and online-merge-offline experience.

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Online-merge-offline (OMO) retail tech solutions
This is online retailing service that allow customers to pre-order and buy food online

Project Overview

The client is a Japanese corporation with a restaurant chain in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States. It offers online retailing services that allow customers to pre-order and buy food online.

SupremeTech is honored to provide development services to enhance the customer buying journey and online-merge-offline experience. Regarding the operations, we ensure technologies streamline third-party integration and customer database management so our clients can focus on achieving more significant business results.

Online-merge-offline retail works on Android and iOS App

The challenge

  • To improve the online-merge-offline customer experience, reduce the total amount of waiting time a customer spends at physical stores by 90%.
  • Streamline how the client manages the customer database to reduce 80% of staff handling time at physical stores.
  • Improve agility in development to stabilize troubleshooting procedures with the help of an outsourcing development team so that the client can focus on business-oriented activities.

The solution

  • SupremeTech and Classmethod form a collaborative partnership to provide all-in-one development services.
  • Classmethod: contact point, project planning & UI designing.
  • SupremeTech: technical consultancy and development services, working directly with the client’s product team & operation team.

1. The first project:

  • Maintenance services for the client’s native app.
  • Build the client’s point feature in the app.

2. The second project:

  • Point Gateway: Building a middleware between the client’s digital touchpoints with the three biggest point systems in Japan: T-Point, D-Point, and R-Point.

3. The third project:

  • E-commerce site with take-out and mail-order features.

Key Features

1. Maintenance services for the native app

  • Maintain current features.
  • Improve the “Authentication” feature.
  • Improve infrastructure by transforming from manual deployment to automate deployment process => Enhance productivity and reduce errors.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Upgrade DB version.
  • Admin for app maintenance
    • Brand, store, coupon management.
    • Banner update.
    • Manage admin roles.
  • Admin for point management
    • Customer, point management.
    • Campaign posting management – can be customized to different groups of consumers (upcoming).

2. Build the client’s point feature in the app

  • Barcode generation and storage.
  • Point transaction history.

3. Point gateway

  • Organize and re-write documents (API specs for point gateway, used by other teams like E-commerce or other digital channels).
  • Store data of user’s point.
  • Improve operations process for maintenance and reduce risks for the client.
  • Transfer monitoring system to AWS owned by the client.
  • Fix bugs.

Team structure

Details of entrustment: Design, Implementation, Testing, Migration, Maintenance & Operation

  • Team size: 27 man
  • 3 Agile teams, nine members each
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Quality Control
Online-merge-offline (OMO) retail tech solutions for a leading restaurant chain

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