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Create a Shopify Storefront for the Makuake Store

After working on Makuake’s admin page, we developed an understanding of their business model and demonstrated the ability to build a quality product. It was then that we were approached with a second opportunity: help develop the Makuake storefront.

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  • Web
  • Retail
  • JavaScript
Case study create a Shopify storefront for Makuake Store
Develop the Makuake Storefront based on feature from Shopify Plus

Project Overview

Makuake Store is a wonderful platform that supports entrepreneurship. It allows people to sell unique creations, including craft spirits and alcohol.

After the triumph of Makuake’s admin page, SupremeTech understood the business model and demonstrated the ability to build a quality product. Then, we were approached with a new opportunity: Develop the Makuake Storefront based on useful features from Shopify Plus. This project focuses explicitly on enhancing customers’ product browsing and buying experience.

Build shopify store to enhance customers' product browsing and buying experience

The challenge

  • Distinguish age-restricted products from standard products to align with the legal terms of the country.
  • The product ranking list needs to display only the top 20 highest-ranked products out of a list of over 1,000 in the admin server.
  • Long load times on the ranking banners.

The solution

  • Prohibiting the purchase of age-restricted products with a credit card.
  • Implementing pagination and breaking a large amount of information into smaller, bite-sized chunks reduce the time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Applying the lazy loading technique to the banner.

Key Features

  • Adding a custom attribute to shopping cart items allows users to add different products to their carts but prevents them from purchasing age-restricted products and regular items.

Team structure

Details of entrustment: Design, Implementation, Testing, Migration, Maintenance & Operation

  • 01 Project Manager
  • 01 Business Analyst
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Quality Control
Create a Makuake storefront based on useful features from Shopify Plus

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