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The top cryptocurrency trading app on both Android & iOS

SupremeTech has continuously strived to successfully develop the first blockchain project.

  • Mobile
  • Blockchain
  • Flutter

Project overview

SupremeTech received a customer request to build a blockchain application for their website on both Android and iOS platforms within a 5-month time frame, SupremeTech immediately started and completed the request with only 1/2 the estimated resources and time through Flutter frameworks.

The challenge

  • Build an app for their website on both Android and iOS platforms within a 5 month time frame.

  • The challenge is to find a solution that ensures timely completion and optimization of the application.

The solution

  • SupremeTech chose Flutter to solve this challenge to save time building both Android and iOS versions of the app.
  • SupremeTech has successfully developed a cross-platform application that reduces the time and resources needed by half.

Key Features

  • An instant exchange
  • A trading platform
  • Margin trading
  • Bitcoin futures trading

Team structure

Details of entrustment: Design, Implementation, Testing, Migration, Maintenance & Operation

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Quality Control

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