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(AVC Recap) Driving Success with Agile Goal Setting: Insights on Implementing OKRs




Event recap series of Agile Vietnam Conference 2023 by SupremeTech! Session “How to Implement Agile Goal Setting by OKRs” presented by Carsten Ley.

Agile Vietnam Conference
Agile Vietnam Conference 2023

In the session titled “How to Implement Agile Goal Setting by OKRs” presented by Carsten Ley, the founder of OKR Asia & OKR Champ, attendees gained valuable insights into the effective implementation of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for agile goal setting. In his passionate sharing, Carsten emphasized the importance of having a clear purpose and strategy to guide the use of OKRs.

OKRs: Objectives, Key Results, and Actions

Carsten began his presentation by explaining the three components of OKRs: objectives, key results, and actions. First and foremost, objectives define where the organization wants to go. Next, key results measure the success of the objectives. Lastly, actions outline the projects or initiatives to achieve the desired outcomes.

Implementation Strategies

Carsten then shared practical strategies for implementing OKRs. Starting with a North-star, which includes the organization’s vision and mission, it provides a guiding direction. Strategy goals and roadmaps help create a rough plan while objectives should be motivating and inclusive. An actionable plan should emphasize collective achievement rather than individual tasks. Key results should focus on measurable outcomes and be backed by relevant metrics and data sources. Last but not least, actions or projects outline the steps to be taken to achieve success.

Implementation Process

Next, Carsten highlighted the importance of OKR training and strategy workshops to familiarize teams with the OKR framework. Quarterly OKR setup and review workshops, weekly key result check-ins, and tracking actions versus key results on a weekly basis ensure alignment and progress. The role of an OKR champion serves as a facilitator for effective OKR implementation.

Key Considerations

After that, Carsten emphasized that OKRs should be written at the company level, and team OKR setup and review typically require the participation of the entire team. Individual OKRs are not recommended, as OKRs are designed to foster collective achievement and alignment.

By adopting the insights and strategies shared by Carsten Ley, attendees gained a solid foundation for implementing OKRs as an agile goal-setting framework, which enables organizations to drive focus, alignment, and measurable success towards their strategic objectives.

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