What We Do

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    Web Development

    Single Page Application, Progressive Web App back to classic Jquery, we handle all kinds of Web development technology.

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    Mobile Development

    – We adopt Swift and Kotlin at the very early stage. Our native mobile team is experienced with making apps for many kind of different industries
    – We also do Flutter and React Native

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    Cloud-based DevOps

    Maintenance activities, deployment automation, and infrastructure optimization. We help enhance the reliability of your system

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    Manual and Automation Testing

    – All kind of manual testing, api, UI
    – Automation on web with selenium

Made by STers

Win group

Japanese top department store chains mini-App


This is a mini app available in LINE app . It helps users quickly locate any of the top department store chains all over Japan. In addition, this app makes it easy for shoppers to find more information about the stores and explore a lot of good deals of any items in the stores.


American TV streaming software

AngularAWSJava SpringWowza

This software is developed for TV streaming. It enables an organization to centralize, manage and deliver videos online. Especially, users will be flexible in managing contents as this software allows collaboration.


World-class coffee ordering PWA


It is a PWA that connects coffee drinkers with the world class coffee shop across Japan. This app helps customers locate where the coffee shops are as well as allows them to browse the menu with a variety of ingredients without the pressure of waiting in line.


Popular Health care app in Tokyo


“Health is the true wealth of a man”. That is the core idea to build this application. It is developed for not only tracking users health but also giving consultations from medical specialists. That is the reason why it is one of the popular healthcare apps in Tokyo.


Beauty tips sharing app for Japanese women


This app is ideal for women who desire to keep their shine all the time.  Content about make-up, fashion, health tips is clearly organized into categories to optimize the ease of use for users. This app is developed to become the most valuable beauty tip question-and-answer platform.

* Product name and design have been changed to protect other organization’s confidential information.
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